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Cube House Design Prisma By KPF ARQ

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1311132848 img 0383b 528x352 Cube House Design Prisma By KPF ARQ The modern Cube House design project consists of a two level house with views towards the Pacific Ocean. Is located in a smooth slope hillside. The project was developed based on the ratio of a prism and a cube resulted to examine how the terrain and the main sights. The most important social spaces are inside the cube that opens into the most privileged views, while the prism, with features tight, closed to accommodate private uses. Both volumes are joined through an intervening space opened to the sky, where is the staircase and common living. In this space of light is protagonist and will identifying the perception of space as they pass the hours, from yellow to orange at sunrise and sunset. The metal frame supports a tempered glass and shadows orthogonal frames are generated on the white walls causing sensations to go from level to level are increasing private Read the rest of this entry »
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