Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nest twin homes in Schio (Vicenza) by Luisa Fontana

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Nicolli Nest 2a 453x300 Nest twin homes in Schio (Vicenza) by Luisa Fontana Nest is an exclusive residential complex, designed by the architect. Luisa Fontana, consisting of two buildings with outbuilding, located in a hilly area with trees. The two buildings “twins” are in the glass and the main factors in the movement of their architectural aesthetics. Customer needs were those of employers get two units, for himself and his daughter, with their dependance of service, which were both connected and isolated from each other to ensure maximum privacy. Luisa Fontana decides to designing residential spaces along the lines of level and puts the pool in the only existing natural plateau in the center area, which becomes the focus of the intervention. Cedar, magnolia and cypress trees as high as 30 feet to intersect the buildings that are space between the curves of the hill. Read the rest of this entry »
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