Sunday, April 30, 2017
DTS 1 540x360 Dano Tripod Stool by Abie Abdillah: a stool inspired by the rocket of Tintin! Abie Abdillah is a young Indonesian designer who is doing a lot about whether back home for the originality of his projects. A few months ago we talked about his plan of a chair inspired by Oplet car, car very popular in Indonesia. qualified in furniture designs with natural materials, including rattan and wood. Today we talk about Dano Tripod Stool, a stool inspired by the rocket of Tintin. A coffee table or a stool have never the center of interest when they are placed in a room to the the edge from other furniture, I wanted to create a piece of furniture with a simple but unique-looking, so was created a Stool Tripod Dano. Read the rest of this entry »
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