Sunday, April 30, 2017

Giro Flower Shower, the shower with flowers

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giro flower Giro Flower Shower, the shower with flowers Even a simple accessory can change the face of a room and if you talk of the shower, which often serves to renew a financial commitment is even more attractive the idea of adding a designer touch with a small object, especially if fun. What you see in the picture is Flower Shower by Giro, a daisy-shaped flower shower, lines and colors back. The morning shower after getting up in a bad mood because of the merciless clock restores some ‘spirited, if raising her face to the water jet, we find a cheerful and colorful flower that smiles at us from above.
Flora The accessories of Scandinavian interior design folk Darling Clementine Just a few touches to transform the atmosphere of a room, season after season. Who would want to approach the colder months warm and enveloping surrounds the details might be interested in the new collection of the Swedish study Darling Clementine, who more than once had space on the pages of this blog. It’s called Woodland and perhaps even more than usual, has a soul folk that is combined with the geometric rigor of the typical Scandinavian design. The warmer colors, oranges, reds, pinks, combined with elements of whites and blacks: stylized flowers, bushes laden with berries, small country houses, but also an owl and a red fox are the decorations on a line declined pillows, trays, posters and tickets.
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