Sunday, April 30, 2017
02 480x352 Scarlett Cafe Studiounodesign by: the world of flowers! The lounge bar and restaurant are the “second stage” of a restyling project started in 2007, the two circles have an area of 100 square meters. in a room on the ground floor of a new building. Scarlett is an environment designed to inspire serenity with a touch of elegance.The idea of STUDIOUNODESIGN was based on the contrast between form and decoration, intersecting and combining the minimalist aesthetic of basic shapes and square with sparkling floral decorations that reflect and transform the surfaces of the room. The centerpiece of the bar is the bar features wood frames engraved floral design and lacquered purple front with frosted glass and backlit with LED lights, Tri-programmed color-changing light that exudes warmth and creates different lighting conditions environment. The bar counter is at the center of the first room, with a square overlooking the entire 360-degree environment and promotes the inside passage, leading the guests in the heart of the area and directing them toward the dining room that opens through two large openings. Read the rest of this entry »
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