Friday, April 28, 2017
1305738652 060 conservatorio roberto ercilla 528x353 Music Conservatory Design In Bilbao By Roberto Ercilla Architecture The new Conservatory of Bilbao is located in a free block, at the district of Deusto, where it coexists with with a major subway station, clearly displayed manifested in its shell glass. Because of the possibility of intervention in all the surrounding space, the proposal is tightened built a close relationship with the topography of the site, looking for more integration and consolidation of the urban environment, a singular role. Because, in fact, we’re talking about an educational center, where you should organize a comprehensive range of classes, workshops, practice rooms, etc, including an auditorium for 400 people.The primary plot of the project, after determined its location at the bottom line of the block, was to express the natural slope of the entire Square across the deck itself, so the building came with the urban space in its leaning expression. Read the rest of this entry »
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