Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rapoxy, the future wallpaper

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rapoxy 01 Rapoxy, the future wallpaper If you are thoroughly unconventional in terms of pavement know that now thanks to Rapoxy can coat the floor with the wallpaper. The Rapoxy is a resin finish that coats the paper forming a protective layer resistant and flexible, a kind of liquid glass that can have shiny or dull. The wallpaper will be able to invade each dimension of this innovative product design thanks to Markus Benesch, which will be presented by Jannelli&Volpi in Zona Tortona Design in the courtyard of the former Ansaldo, April 16 to 21. You can visit “Wallpaper, FloorPaper, AllPaper” where everything, absolutely everything, from floors, walls, roof, is covered with wallpaper.
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