Monday, July 6, 2015

freeflow 1  Office Furniture FreeFlow Seating by Gordon Guillaumier: a session inspired by the bridge

FreeFlow is a modular seating system designed by the Maltese designers Gordon Guillaumier for our national manufacturer Moroso. The system is very fluid and sinuous forms and is designed to furnish and deliver sessions to large design spaces: FreeFlow is suitable for waiting rooms, relaxation areas or dining rooms.

FreeFlow is inspired by the idea of an overpass and along these lines that compose the two bands, one for the seat and backrest. There are various forms available and depending on their combination can create sessions, however, continuous or discontinuous and of various forms of composition. The project has been very accurate in every detail and the triangular aluminum leg was designed to look like one leg of the session when the coupling of two distinct modules.

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