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An office that looks like a luxury hotel

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112 An office that looks like a luxury hotel

In this San Francisco office, which houses the staff of a financial company, the Firm has created Rottet agree with the philosophy, an environment with a strong emotional impact, where employees would feel better than at home.

The result is an office that absolutely does not look like an ordinary place, but reminiscent of a luxury hotel and an art gallery fused together: the panoramic windows offer an unparalleled view, and the choice of furnishings for relaxation, as well as carefully positioned works of art, gives the impression of being in an almost intimate and definitely special.

26 An office that looks like a luxury hotel

Every detail has been studied in detail to offer maximum comfort colors that contrast with the effect of the monitors on the eyes, warm wood obtained niche in the ceiling and walls, custom carpets that imitate the movement of water, lighting and scenic calm , but hidden in the false ceilings and furnishings.