Saturday, July 4, 2015

i3 540x356 J2 House by 3LHD archetitects: the family home of our dreams!

The J2 detached villa was built by the architectural firm 3LHD in Zagreb, Croatia. Located in a residential area of the Croatian town, the house has been designed to be lived by a couple with children.Its particular shape “L” is due to the fact that both sides of the lot are enclosed respectively by a road on one side and a High building bordering on the other.

The main rooms are all directed to the garden. The living room, dining area, kitchen and swimming pool are buried and directed the side of the road, but thanks to the slope in the lot facing the garden through glass walls. The entrance is at the level immediately above, as well as the garagethe study and storage space, while the top floor contains the living area and the more intimate setting.

i4 537x360 J2 House by 3LHD archetitects: the family home of our dreams!

The contrary of how you might expect, the premises of the lower level, they dominated by use of glass, while higher edge volume is covered by wood panels. This house, like other projects by architects 3LHD, makes us think on how, even in Eastern Europe, to be developing a quality design and construction comparable to the architect of Western Europe.

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