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Fennel Residence luxury prefabricated House Design

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fennell residence 1 Fennel Residence luxury prefabricated House Design

Fennel Residence is a dream house for the weekend designed to interact with the environment. A place to retreat to meditate, relax or escape, and where an atmosphere of peace and tranquility of the unconscious takes over its host. What could be more romantic than living on the banks of a river? Wake up and have a beautiful view, whether from the shore of a lake, an ocean or even a small stream, it always seems to have a calming effect for the soul.

fennell residence 3 Fennel Residence luxury prefabricated House Design

One way to enhance the romantic effect is to fix your home beyond the shore and anchor in the water, as it did for his clients, the architect of Portland (Oregon), Robert Oshatz. Oshatz for the creation of a houseboat was only one of the many challenges of the project, managing to translate, in a synthesis of logic and emotion, dreams and fantasies of its customers, to create a home not only in peace with its environment but also with its occupants.

The owners, a professional couple who spends most of his time in downtown Portland, had purchased a berth on the east side of the Willamette River, a popular commercial and recreational waterway. They turned to Oshatz, known for its architectural style curved and slender, to create a floating house as a retreat for the weekend and summer.
Robert Oshatz is known for its unique approach and unique design and architecture.

His creations are unique expressions of identity and shape and this houseboat is no exception. Oshatz wanted to design a house that could only be functional if it had been situated on the water and not something that is equally functional, even if located on land.

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