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Apartments for motorcycle enthusiasts

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neapartf Apartments for motorcycle enthusiasts

Made by Japanese architects Akiyoshi Takagi, Yuji Nakae and Hirofumi Ohno. Worked in the NE apartments, a block of eight apartments for motorcycle enthusiasts in Tokyo, including garages for these in each department.

The building has a central courtyard curvilinear C-shaped to facilitate entry to the residents with their bikes directly into each unit.
The walls which separate each department are arranged in a radial, with gentle curves that lead to the outside wall. The curved shapes of the walls help give the feeling of being in larger spaces. Read the rest of this entry »

 Modern Pilon residential apartments complex in Slovenia

The building implanted in a natural landscape, reminiscent of those made from stone, Perovic Architects Bevk arhitekti.
The Residential Pilon is located in an unusual location in an area bordered by a ring abandoned vehicle in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Building appears in a natural landscape, like an old building reminiscent of those made by stone at the corners of the site, such as those protected as cultural monuments. Read the rest of this entry »

Stickers to decorate the walls By Silvia Massa

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easywallpaper Stickers to decorate the walls By Silvia Massa

Silvia Massa is an interior designer who plays the interior as a setting where space, color, light, form, function and technology use interact harmoniously.
Through the work of his study, seeks to integrate the functionality with the identity of those living spaces. His research is well summarized in his web space where, thanks to an intuitive interface in Flash, you can directly experience the performance of his “Easy Wallpaper” giant stickers to decorate the walls of places lived.

Pop references, and natural elements in the fictional Eastern decorations proposals. Some elements, then, are the silhouettes of objects of furniture often already present in the home, but made in a different key-tone choice and temporal references. Fun and stylish alternative to give new life to the walls of your home

Fabric panels to decorate walls

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Paneles de tela para decorar paredes Fabric panels to decorate walls

The decoration of the walls of the home has multiple possibilities, we can use wallpaper, tiles, vinyl decorations, photography, drawing, among others, but a cheaper and more original are the panels of fabric.
The fabric panels are decorative elements inexpensive and easy to make, we make them ourselves.
Choosing fabric panels to decorate walls: Read the rest of this entry »

nagiapartment1 Curtains instead of walls: the new concept of living in Japan

You can live with curtains instead of walls? And ‘the experiment that a young Japanese couple with children groped decided to entrust the restructuring of its flat Uufie studio.

Result? Partitions dismantled and redistributed space with the use of big velvet curtains. Able, in the intention of the architects, and Irene Ota Eiri Gardpoit Chan, when needed to preserve privacy while allowing for use when the time comes to an open space.
Minimalist aesthetic, perimeter walls repainted with white paint diluted to a less marked effect. Also in view, of course, the guides of the tents: a deliberate choice to emphasize the distribution of volumes which give the space.

14 The new Munich shoe store interior design in Barcelona

The new shoe store Munich in Barcelona was designed by Bailo Rull ADD Arquitectura as truly unique in its kind.
Inspiration is the world’s children, that is constantly populated with questions like “Where do they come? How are the facts? Why?. The response of shoes Munich, according to the architects, is the use of materials and environment “industrial” within the store. Read the rest of this entry »

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