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Containers for student housing in France

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 Containers for student housing in France

Hundred containers recycled in an eco-city will serve as housing for students that rented at a low price.
100 students were housed in old shipping containers recycled in the new eco-built campus in Le Havre, Upper Normandy – France. Where once there were sailors and fish now have books and student meetings.

Hundred containers packed housing will serve students who rented at low cost.
The ‘Cité A Docks’ was officially opened in late August on a terrestrial ceded by the Ville du Havre. The idea to settle in a container house is interesting as the inside are normal studies. All students who live here are new. Read the rest of this entry »

Arkinetia Modulo 10x10 stacion ARquitectura Arquitectos   Comunidad Vivex qqqBREID0000000563 IMG001 r411 Module 10x10 a Prototype House For Low Housing Needs

The project seeks to develop a prototype system to explore alternative construction materials and construction methods based economic re-use of fiberglass panels retired from the work of other works. These panels were transformed into a flexible modular system for a spatial configuration to the need for each user, designed to meet the housing needs of low income families and also for emergency disaster response or other situations in Mexico. Read the rest of this entry »

Single Family Housing Concrete II By A-cero

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1280421575 acs0533w 528x350 Single Family Housing Concrete II By A cero

The architecture studio A-cero presents one of his latest works in large-scale single-family housing. Situated on the outskirts of Madrid, on a plot of 5,000 m2, is located in a single plant in which almost runs almost all of your living space. We reserve the basement garage, cinema room, utility room and cellar. Its area is 1,800 m2.

The first sensation that causes us to access from the street and introduce the plot is that of a pharaonic work (in the case of a home). What is more surprising is that the building seems to hide in a sequence of plant walls and ramps extend into the deck. These perpendicular walls that form the entrance facade is concrete and dyed splint containing dark gray including sloping landscaped seems climb skyward. It is striking visually organic whole that generates this facade that even the hard concrete enhances their chances nicer. Read the rest of this entry »

Arkinetia Casa en Mallorca  Espana Alvaro Siza qqqBREID0000000542 IMG001 r413 Top Hill House in Mallorca, Spain By Alvaro Siza

View House in Mallorca and other items in Architecture News
The project for this summer house is located in an area characterized by steep slopes to the sea, with access from the northwest on the top, about 26 meters above sea level. Inspired by the surrounding rocky landscape, the project ended due to a fragmented volume. Read the rest of this entry »

1267802813 nor oriente 528x350 Prototype: Emergency/ Disaster House By Cubo Arquitectos

The basic idea of this project is to improve the current conditions of housing support and comfort of the Emergency Housing used today.
From the technical point of view, architectural and assistance, this project is designed specifically for cases of Disaster Emergency. Its main approach is to build a system of emergency housing through the use of standardized products present in the main distributors of building materials and others. Read the rest of this entry »

Hi Dar, the interiors of a unique hotel in Tunisia

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13 Hi Dar, the interiors of a unique hotel in Tunisia

Hi Dar is a very special hotel located on the edge of the desert, in the village of NAFTA in Tunisia.
Designed by interior designer Matali Crasset, Dar Hi looks like the ideal place to feel the edge of the world, to stop, to reflect, to recover themselves, even if it is only two hours flight from Europe. At least that’s the intent that he has traced Crasset hotel. Read the rest of this entry »

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