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ibridge1 449x300 Infinity Light Bridge by Speirs and Major Associates, which is light!

Beautiful isn it? Today are those I show pictures of the Infinity Bridge in Stockton-on-Tees in England, complete with the lighting designed by Speirs and Major Associates.The “smart lights” designed for this bridge follow the path of people moving from a white light to blue light.

ibridge3 450x300 Infinity Light Bridge by Speirs and Major Associates, which is light!

Scandinavian Interiors Style

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Interiorismo escandinavo Scandinavian Interiors Style

The Scandinavian or Nordic decorative style is characteristic of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It is a style born in the early twentieth century and remains until today with some variations.
This decorative style takes on the characteristics that printed materials from the area, regional crafts and the landscape of these areas.

This area was conducive to the development of the design industry that gave birth to renowned architects and designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Alvar Aalto, among others.

The Scandinavian-style interior designer Carlo is attributed to Larsson. This style combines the neutral colors of regional landscapes with a slightly aged appearance.
Scandinavian Interior Features:
The architecture and interior design of these countries is determined by climate and geographical location.

The poor natural light and long winters force the interiors are spacious and bright, so you must prioritize the use of natural light. For this reason, the dominant color is white, followed by light shades to illuminate the various rooms. This also affects the use of the materials must also be light colored, light-colored wood. Permitted details of vibrant colors like red, light blue to give details that stand out from the rest of the decor.

camere da letto bambini a06 Bedrooms for children and teens with built in bridge

Today the rooms of our homes are becoming smaller, with issues of furniture more or less complex, having to also deal with doors, windows, electrical outlets, and buttons luce.In aid solution to everything that is increasingly being adopted is the room with cupboards bridge where the beds and closet space is concentrated on a ‘single wall so as to allow the accommodation of the study area in a frontal or side clearance.

The child’s bedroom with the bridge solution are becoming a rule rather than the exception as a few years ago, and for this reason the manufacturers, including segnalo Italian furniture, bedrooms are increasingly evolving into design elements that meet more and more every need.

The minimum space needed to accommodate a built-in bridge is about 210 cm. This allows us to accommodate both sides and have a useful bridge from the bay of 2 meters, where you can place one or more beds, including removable and parallel with depths ranging from 80 to 100 cm.
The space just described is the minimum space required, but you may also have sizes above where the bridge wardrobe may develop as different modularity. Read the rest of this entry »

Liquid Light, the water light By Tanya Clarke

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TanyaClarke1 Liquid Light, the water light By Tanya Clarke

Plumbing fittings and recycling, hand-blown glass and LEDs. Here is how to assemble the lamps phantasmagoric that the intention of the author Tanya Clarke, an environmental activist before that designers need not to forget that humanity is valuable to the water.

Liquid Light bulbs have been inflected version of wall hanging lamp or floor lamp. Each is unique, different from the other materials re-used and the hand-blown glass. A small portion of the proceeds from sales goes to the Polaris Institute, in charge of educating Canadians to a new environmental awareness.

Shallard House: a Modern house with bridge

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 Shallard House: a Modern house with bridge

When designing this building (Central Otago, New Zealand), the designer and owner of the house, the engineer Guy Shallard, he was a need to put the room in an elevated bridge, based on narrow and elongated in the plot , and the ‘harassment’ of the neighboring buildings. Told and done, here is a house with the main (living room and dining room) on a bridge on the first floor, you can enjoy views of the lake and gain privacy. Read the rest of this entry »

lch portada Light Catcher House By rooijakkers + tomesen architecten

Light Trap, a garden pavilion in a historic location
Kerkebuurt (district church) in Soest, the Netherlands, is a small historic center has been named as a whole “protected rural area.”
One of the most distinctive buildings in the area is the old “House of Elders”, 1782. Originally consisting of three buildings which were later combined into a home. Its current owner wanted to expand it, but his plans were cut short by the “Rijksmonumentendienst” of the people (an institution which protects the buildings considered monuments). Was decided to build a pavilion in the garden, where once there were two small sheds. The pavilion is in size extra housing. Contains a wealth of storage space and can both be used as guest house or workshop. For its owners primarily means additional interior space for flexible use, equipped with a large terrace partly covered. Read the rest of this entry »

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