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Scandinavian Interiors Style

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Interiorismo escandinavo Scandinavian Interiors Style

The Scandinavian or Nordic decorative style is characteristic of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It is a style born in the early twentieth century and remains until today with some variations.
This decorative style takes on the characteristics that printed materials from the area, regional crafts and the landscape of these areas.

This area was conducive to the development of the design industry that gave birth to renowned architects and designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Alvar Aalto, among others.

The Scandinavian-style interior designer Carlo is attributed to Larsson. This style combines the neutral colors of regional landscapes with a slightly aged appearance.
Scandinavian Interior Features:
The architecture and interior design of these countries is determined by climate and geographical location.

The poor natural light and long winters force the interiors are spacious and bright, so you must prioritize the use of natural light. For this reason, the dominant color is white, followed by light shades to illuminate the various rooms. This also affects the use of the materials must also be light colored, light-colored wood. Permitted details of vibrant colors like red, light blue to give details that stand out from the rest of the decor.

Farmhouse at Ballymahon | Ireland

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Arkinetia Casa de campo en  Ballymahon   Irlanda ODOS Architects qqqARTID0000000609 IMG001 r535 Farmhouse at Ballymahon | Ireland

This series of buildings of XVIII century farmhouse sits in the woods outside of Ballymahon, County Longford, Ireland. The existing buildings were originally the three sides of a courtyard, and a crumbling old wall as completed. A new one-story wing replaces the old wall and offers an open kitchen to the dining room and living room. Read the rest of this entry »

Flora The accessories of Scandinavian interior design folk Darling Clementine

Just a few touches to transform the atmosphere of a room, season after season. Who would want to approach the colder months warm and enveloping surrounds the details might be interested in the new collection of the Swedish study Darling Clementine, who more than once had space on the pages of this blog.

It’s called Woodland and perhaps even more than usual, has a soul folk that is combined with the geometric rigor of the typical Scandinavian design. The warmer colors, oranges, reds, pinks, combined with elements of whites and blacks: stylized flowers, bushes laden with berries, small country houses, but also an owl and a red fox are the decorations on a line declined pillows, trays, posters and tickets.

Bookrest of Paugh: the sleep of the books

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Bookrest Paug Bookrest of Paugh: the sleep of the books

It is produced by Paugh while the design is Lars Nilsson, without a shadow of doubt decidedly Scandinavian. Not by chance is for sale at Scandinavian Design Center. It looks like a minimalist clothes if not given the unequivocal written Bookrest, who is also his name other than its function.

Welcomes books read well by acting as a bookmark, not overlap prevents endless pile on the nightstand with a good space savings and at the same time furnish coloring the wall. It is lacquered steel, has a hook for his glasses and can be purchased online at about 24 euro in various colors including white, black, green, red, orange, purple.

House Schierle in Germany By Matthias Benz

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1276008151 mb 01 haus schierle 528x352 House Schierle in Germany By Matthias Benz

Anyone who has visited the outskirts of a German city to know what we mean when we speak of the “typical German house.” They are brightly painted houses with gabled roofs and windows of PVC and come in all sizes and proportions imaginable. Next to a church and a train station as a “typical German peripheral people.” Read the rest of this entry »

117 The interiors of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona

The Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona is a luxury hotel belonging to the famous hotel chain, whose interior design was prepared by Patricia Urquiola famous.
What is immediately striking looking at the pictures of this hotel is the impressive: it looks like dilated, majestic and glistening.
The style is perfectly suited to an open city and lived as Barcelona welcoming and cosmopolitan environments created by Patricia are a combination of elegance and design. Read the rest of this entry »

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