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Wooden furniture of Christian Woo

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c1 e1275692043167 Wooden furniture of Christian Woo

The truth is that I’ve loved this furniture by Christian Woo. Furniture is simple, straight lines and without large ornaments, but have an elegance that makes them ideal pieces for a classroom, a room … Read the rest of this entry »

ndt1 Neo rustic, the new collection of wood furniture Brunno Jahara

For the Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara working with wood is a clear ethical choice (produced in an environmentally friendly manner), it is probably also an economical choice (like many other designers who choose to work with waste materials or recycled), but is also a how to tell the world a piece of Brazilian life. Read the rest of this entry »

 MUMBAI : A collection of furniture made ??of plywood

This fantastic collection of wooden furniture made ??up for tables and cabinets . It is MUMBAI , an exclusive design created by the union of technology and plywood having as lattice structure of a laser cutted steel . The plywood board is folded over and over again to forming the shape of the cabinet , which is the cabinet itself . Read the rest of this entry »

terraza How to decorate your terrace with plants and furniture

During the winter careless this part of the house and in the springtime we begin to use more frequently. To begin to enjoy it, you need to make some changes. To do this, pay attention to some tips

* To remodel the floor of your balcony, you should choose ceramic strong, fresh and durable.
* In connection to the seats, it is important that they are quite comfort, for this choose wooden seats or outdoor aluminum. This will keep them for a long time. Read the rest of this entry »

kajen 1 367x300 Urban Furniture Kajen, the bench with footrest by Thomas Bernstrand

The Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand created “Kajen” produced by the public bench Nola. Classic wooden poles are bench seat and back of this wave but is characterized by the unique design: the back is reclined, and draws up and ergonomics of office chairs, while the real news is that the footrest can not lay legs, relax or take positions very comfortable “home” in a public space. Read the rest of this entry »

Mark Tuckey 4 Mark Tuckey wood furniture showrooms design in Sydney

The designer Mark Tuckey, manufactures and sells solid wood furniture. Has its showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne with a collection of constant change, with avant-garde furniture and modern classic design. Ranging from chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, garden furniture, storage furniture, new and recycled. His workshop located in Melbourne, and is composed of a team with 15 years more experienced furniture makers. Read the rest of this entry »