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Casa portland Londres diseño actual 4 Modern Ecological house design Portland Road in Notting Hill London

Set of three Ecological buildings, created by Michaelis Boyd Associates, is located on Portland Road in Notting Hill London.
A modern interior design house, large spaces, accented by wood floors, carefully planned. The neutral color of the carpets in all rooms.
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Shallard House: a Modern house with bridge

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 Shallard House: a Modern house with bridge

When designing this building (Central Otago, New Zealand), the designer and owner of the house, the engineer Guy Shallard, he was a need to put the room in an elevated bridge, based on narrow and elongated in the plot , and the ‘harassment’ of the neighboring buildings. Told and done, here is a house with the main (living room and dining room) on a bridge on the first floor, you can enjoy views of the lake and gain privacy. Read the rest of this entry »

moebius 1  Modern detached Moebius House by Tony Owen Partners: fluency in a new building system

Moebius House is a detached house designed by Tony Owen Partners and built in Sydney by the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The house tries to give a small space a large volume of light, space, ventilation and view. The study Owners Tony is trying to develop a contetto of “Micro Design”, a concept of ecological house in a small space that tries to maximize the resources it has available. Read the rest of this entry »

Cube House Design Prisma By KPF ARQ

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1311132848 img 0383b 528x352 Cube House Design Prisma By KPF ARQ

The modern Cube House design project consists of a two level house with views towards the Pacific Ocean. Is located in a smooth slope hillside. The project was developed based on the ratio of a prism and a cube resulted to examine how the terrain and the main sights. The most important social spaces are inside the cube that opens into the most privileged views, while the prism, with features tight, closed to accommodate private uses. Both volumes are joined through an intervening space opened to the sky, where is the staircase and common living. In this space of light is protagonist and will identifying the perception of space as they pass the hours, from yellow to orange at sunrise and sunset. The metal frame supports a tempered glass and shadows orthogonal frames are generated on the white walls causing sensations to go from level to level are increasing private Read the rest of this entry »

T-House, a house with superficial insolite

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1 01 T House, a house with superficial insolite

T-House is a house designed by Atelier Boronski for a young couple in Kyoto, Japan.
Ever since the body has been possible to guess that inside this house reserves some surprises: scale walls and in fact do not follow the “traditional pattern” of elements within a home. Read the rest of this entry »

Wooden House Design JD House By BAK Architects

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1275851089 cjd bak 16 528x336 Wooden House Design JD House By BAK Architects

The house is built with three basic materials: exposed concrete, glass and wood on the outside deck. Slabs of different volumes and partitions supported by concrete beams seen inverted and finished with a minimum slope to occur quickly rainwater runoff. H21 concrete was used with the addition of a fluidity for this mix with little amount of water on setting, be very compact and does not require sealing. The few hollow brick interior walls are finished in cement grinding, floor cloths is also divided by cement grinding plates of aluminum. The openings are of dark bronze anodized aluminum. The heating system, since there is no natural gas in the area, was resolved with a system that combines salamander, bottled gas stoves and electric heaters. Read the rest of this entry »

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