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Scandinavian Interiors Style

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Interiorismo escandinavo Scandinavian Interiors Style

The Scandinavian or Nordic decorative style is characteristic of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It is a style born in the early twentieth century and remains until today with some variations.
This decorative style takes on the characteristics that printed materials from the area, regional crafts and the landscape of these areas.

This area was conducive to the development of the design industry that gave birth to renowned architects and designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Alvar Aalto, among others.

The Scandinavian-style interior designer Carlo is attributed to Larsson. This style combines the neutral colors of regional landscapes with a slightly aged appearance.
Scandinavian Interior Features:
The architecture and interior design of these countries is determined by climate and geographical location.

The poor natural light and long winters force the interiors are spacious and bright, so you must prioritize the use of natural light. For this reason, the dominant color is white, followed by light shades to illuminate the various rooms. This also affects the use of the materials must also be light colored, light-colored wood. Permitted details of vibrant colors like red, light blue to give details that stand out from the rest of the decor.

oriental Ideas for decorating bedrooms with an oriental style

The aesthetics of Japanese bedroom is above all peaceful, with a similar if you want to a spa, with neat lines and a simple palette of 3 or 4 colors.
To achieve this style may consider painting walls and floors with a light color, neutral, and to contrast with dark wood furniture set. If you want you can add one or two lighter colors to give a special touch. The lines and geometric designs should be simple, so nothing to ruin the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the place. Read the rest of this entry »

The Danish style in home decoration

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estilo danes 1 The Danish style in home decoration

The Danish style is characterized by a perfect combination of colors, textures and materials, and be able to turn any room in our home in an area full of romance.
Floral prints, stripes, plants, flowers, neutral colors and pastel hues become the key to this type of decoration.
But that’s not all, the combination of textures and details like beautiful baroque chandeliers for our roof are ideal. Read the rest of this entry »

Classic Style Pullout bed

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cama nido estilo clasico charlesprogers Classic Style Pullout bed

The pullout bed as a standard part of children and youth bedrooms, are often identified with a modernist style of simple shapes and materials, are often given life through fiber supplements because more often than beds as far as structure is concerned have a simple design it.

However if we look for a trundle bed with a classic design, to shape an environment with a distinct charm, for example with header and footer of forging a more noble you can also find on the market, both for female youth bedroom as dormitory adult in which for some reason we are interested to have a larger bed, we can integrate a bed like this.
Read the rest of this entry »

The retro-style switches Fontini

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fontiniinterruttori1 The retro style switches Fontini

You know those beautiful circuit of his grandmother, now mostly relegated to collector’s items? Well, for his sixty years the brand has decided to re-edit Fontini proposals obviously compatible with current standards in equipment.

Made of porcelain and brass, the switches are finished in burnished, nickel and gold. Very nice version all in China, capable of adapting to any apartment, including a more industrial style.

African Style House Decorating

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Decoracion estilo africano African Style House Decorating

The ethnic decor is the most appropriate to exotic environments. African style includes elements of African cultures blended with modern decorative creating sets of personality.
The African decor exotic objects are the stars that produce an environment that combines elements from tribal and pagan rites with modern decorative objects.
African art comes to Europe in the nineteenth century as a result of the campaigns of conquest on their territory. These objects were covered with a magical were incorporated by the upper classes to their homes as elements that marked their social status. Read the rest of this entry »

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