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Containers for student housing in France

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 Containers for student housing in France

Hundred containers recycled in an eco-city will serve as housing for students that rented at a low price.
100 students were housed in old shipping containers recycled in the new eco-built campus in Le Havre, Upper Normandy – France. Where once there were sailors and fish now have books and student meetings.

Hundred containers packed housing will serve students who rented at low cost.
The ‘Cité A Docks’ was officially opened in late August on a terrestrial ceded by the Ville du Havre. The idea to settle in a container house is interesting as the inside are normal studies. All students who live here are new. Read the rest of this entry »

The Kurreki House by Bourne Blue Architecture

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The Kurreki House by Bourne Blue Architecture 006 The Kurreki House by Bourne Blue Architecture

Seal Rocks is a small and unique, many existing homes are basic fishing huts, now used mostly for holidays.
The intention was to build a vacation home without complications, which could also be released for rental income. The approach was to build in a way that preserves the language of the existing built forms Seal Rocks and be respectful of context.

There is a slight increase in the site in the back and an outlook for the mount, front and rear. Rural Fire Service placed a 10m setback in the rear, a wall of fire forced and dictated that all buildings on the street had to be partially flame zone and level 3 of protection forest fires. Read the rest of this entry »

Arkinetia Casa 205   Vacarisses  Barcelona HARQUITECTES qqqARTID0000000591 IMG001 r992 House 205 Located at Vacarisses, Barcelona By HARQUITECTES

The intention was to exploit the character of the place, minimize earthmoving and preserve the appearance of forest. The site did not facilitate the placement of a house, but once extracted, the land surface layer was revealed a large patch of rock where you can place it without damaging the environment.
It then used a plywood structure with large-format prefabricated panels for walls and ceilings KLH, working together as a beam supported by two unique to the land surface of concrete struts. This system unifies mural structure, envelope and enclosure, allowing interior layout where the constructive logic is expressed as a sequence of rooms with free use equivalent. Read the rest of this entry »

Wooden observation tower Hemer, Germany

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Torre mirador de madera birk and heilmeyer 005 Wooden observation tower Hemer, Germany

The building is based on the principle of the hyperboloid, which had been frequently used in steel construction by the engineer Vladimir G. Suchov (1853 – 1939). It consists of 240 pieces of straight wooden Siberian larch (glulam) with a cross section of 8 x 8 inches.

A large mesh structure has been designed by two inverse maps, in which only the external, system members, bears the burdens. While other vertical members such as steel columns or a central mast, were omitted consistently. Read the rest of this entry »

A modern armchair and small table

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porro muebles A modern armchair and small table

Jade and Shahan, under a design of C. Pillet, make a new proposal for a furniture company Porro. This is a contemporary chair accompanied by a tiny table.
With harmonious lines and the possibility to enjoy the maximum comfort, the chair noted for the quality of their leather. This cover appears suspended in a wooden structure made of top quality.

Supported by four points, the chair achieves an interesting formal harmony with an amazing versatility, which is not usual in this type of furniture. In this way, you can integrate smoothly into any type of residential or institutional environments.

The chair Jade is accompanied by the small table Shahan, forming a homogeneous group of interesting finishes. The table has quality wooden structure and a circular lid.

Classic Style Pullout bed

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cama nido estilo clasico charlesprogers Classic Style Pullout bed

The pullout bed as a standard part of children and youth bedrooms, are often identified with a modernist style of simple shapes and materials, are often given life through fiber supplements because more often than beds as far as structure is concerned have a simple design it.

However if we look for a trundle bed with a classic design, to shape an environment with a distinct charm, for example with header and footer of forging a more noble you can also find on the market, both for female youth bedroom as dormitory adult in which for some reason we are interested to have a larger bed, we can integrate a bed like this.
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