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modern desk design – item 4

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Browse ideas and photo inspiration for modern desk design item 4 , homemagz.com interior and home design decoration modern desk design3 modern desk design   item 4 Source : http://imtex.org Visit source page for details information All the image mentioned are the property of their respective owners details
11 The new interior design of the Raiffeisen bank in Zurich That is surprisingly in the images of the interior design Raiffeisen bank in Zurich, created by the collaboration of two studio, NAU and DGJ. even the overall glance does not seem to to evoke all the environments you would expect to see in a bank, although some details give rise to uncommon interest. For example, the partition walls are designed as curved and perforated in order to create giant images of faces, the faces of historical key figures of the site. Read the rest of this entry »

Altavoz modular Office Furniture by Carlos Tiscar

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al1 449x300 Altavoz modular Office Furniture by Carlos Tiscar The Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar designed the modular system of “Altavoz” trying to imitate the shape of the stereo speakers. The peculiarity of the project is in the conformation of the sides and corners of containers, each one of them has interior angles and sides are slightly slanted and visible amplification by creating visual and shadow to form. Read the rest of this entry »
robo chair 1 611x600 Office Furniture Robo Chair by Luca Nichetto: when the robot and the design become one The Italian designer Luca Nichetto, designed the chair “Robo” for the Swedish company OFFECCT. The object of design is inspired by the video “All Is Full Of Love Icelandic artist Bjork shot in 1999 featuring some robots who take human life forms. It ‘s just modularity at the core of this project and Luca Nichetto says “” I consider particularly thrilling the idea that a robot can become a living being, so I imagined that the same principle could also apply for a chair. The goal was to create a project with a low environmental impact, playing on the composition of its various components, for easy transport in a small box. My fantasy became reality when I transposed the form of a robot “humanized” in a chair, where they are brought out his “arts”. The project could only be called Robo. ” Read the rest of this entry »
thinoffice Thin Office the office of ultra minimal By Studio Sklim Minimal – and a little ‘alienating, it must be said – the architecture of this “Thin Office” created by the “Studio Sklim of Singapore. Built in a postwar building at Jalan Besar, renovated and refurbished, is a triumph of white lines and spartan. Diffuse light from above and an atmosphere reminiscent of some science fiction of the ’60s and ’70s. Read the rest of this entry »

Tironi Associates Offices by Oware Architects

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tironi w 4 528x352 Tironi Associates Offices by Oware Architects Enabling new office floor has its origins in a private competition in which, without a defined physical space nor the required final surface, it should develop an intervention strategy open plan capable of taking a number of key concepts consultant for TIRONI | Partners such as sustainability, horizontal and interaction. The generic assignment forced in this way to avoid the peculiarities and develop a formal reflection not only on the inputs given by the contest, but the scale of the project own open plan type. In this sense, the abstract place should incorporate the notion of core services, perimeter glazing, variable orientation, control of light and heat, the logistics of movement, part and total. Read the rest of this entry »
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