Saturday, November 28, 2015
111 The offices of Upperkut Interior in Montreal: creative in freedom Jean de Lessard has designed offices for Upperkut, a communications agency in Montreal.For the designers set up this space was a challenge but also an incentive to create something unique. Read the rest of this entry »
generationbyknoll1 Generation office chair by Knoll, the new ergonomic office chair Here is a product whose development has been taken “seriously.” To create a Generation by Knoll, the Formway Design Studio New Zealand has made more than 400 hours of footage to study how people use your work chair. The final consideration that we would escape to the answers for granted: there is no perfect location, an ergonomic model towards which to direct, but rather the session has to leave the body free to perform their movements in freedom, even in the most informal. Read the rest of this entry »

Thin Office, a small but organized work environment

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14 Thin Office, a small but organized work environment Sklim Studio has designed the interiors of the Thin Office, a work environment that is not too large but efficiently organized for an IT company in Singapore. The office is spread in different areas, distributed around a center: a small space in the living room meetings, individual work stations, the common ones, the dining area with kitchen and sitting area, the zone file, the ‘ welcome to customers. Read the rest of this entry »

The new offices design of Dentsu London

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11 The new offices design of Dentsu London Essentia Design has created the new offices of Dentsu London, with the intent to create a high-tech minimalist, suitable for the creativity of the company. The result includes three floors equipped with highly functional spaces: meeting rooms, reception areas, creative studio, exhibition space and a dining area and relax, all characterized by the use of white and gray, bright colors more vivid at times as the green , red, yellow or purple. Read the rest of this entry »
thinoffice Thin Office the office of ultra minimal By Studio Sklim Minimal – and a little ‘alienating, it must be said – the architecture of this “Thin Office” created by the “Studio Sklim of Singapore. Built in a postwar building at Jalan Besar, renovated and refurbished, is a triumph of white lines and spartan. Diffuse light from above and an atmosphere reminiscent of some science fiction of the ’60s and ’70s. Read the rest of this entry »

Tironi Associates Offices by Oware Architects

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tironi w 4 528x352 Tironi Associates Offices by Oware Architects Enabling new office floor has its origins in a private competition in which, without a defined physical space nor the required final surface, it should develop an intervention strategy open plan capable of taking a number of key concepts consultant for TIRONI | Partners such as sustainability, horizontal and interaction. The generic assignment forced in this way to avoid the peculiarities and develop a formal reflection not only on the inputs given by the contest, but the scale of the project own open plan type. In this sense, the abstract place should incorporate the notion of core services, perimeter glazing, variable orientation, control of light and heat, the logistics of movement, part and total. Read the rest of this entry »
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