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Altavoz modular Office Furniture by Carlos Tiscar

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al1 449x300 Altavoz modular Office Furniture by Carlos Tiscar The Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar designed the modular system of “Altavoz” trying to imitate the shape of the stereo speakers. The peculiarity of the project is in the conformation of the sides and corners of containers, each one of them has interior angles and sides are slightly slanted and visible amplification by creating visual and shadow to form. Read the rest of this entry »
freeflow 1  Office Furniture FreeFlow Seating by Gordon Guillaumier: a session inspired by the bridge FreeFlow is a modular seating system designed by the Maltese designers Gordon Guillaumier for our national manufacturer Moroso. The system is very fluid and sinuous forms and is designed to furnish and deliver sessions to large design spaces: FreeFlow is suitable for waiting rooms, relaxation areas or dining rooms. Read the rest of this entry »
robo chair 1 611x600 Office Furniture Robo Chair by Luca Nichetto: when the robot and the design become one The Italian designer Luca Nichetto, designed the chair “Robo” for the Swedish company OFFECCT. The object of design is inspired by the video “All Is Full Of Love Icelandic artist Bjork shot in 1999 featuring some robots who take human life forms. It ‘s just modularity at the core of this project and Luca Nichetto says “” I consider particularly thrilling the idea that a robot can become a living being, so I imagined that the same principle could also apply for a chair. The goal was to create a project with a low environmental impact, playing on the composition of its various components, for easy transport in a small box. My fantasy became reality when I transposed the form of a robot “humanized” in a chair, where they are brought out his “arts”. The project could only be called Robo. ” Read the rest of this entry »

Bea, Modern office chair by Fuksas

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bea1 Bea, Modern office chair by Fuksas Soft lines and rounded to Bea, the new office chair designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas for Luxy. The session was made with a monocoque and flexible use of push-button controls to adjust seat, lumbar and height of the armrests. A chair that hides well its technological characteristics, often exalted models of competitors.
113 The offices of 3FS Design: wall stickers for a vibrant colors Make a vibrant, lively, vibrant and full of energy, suitable to bring forth ideas and creativity, it is not so difficult: it is an example of the office of Third Frame Studios, designed by Zek. Ironic and funny, the environment created in these offices is very exciting and to make the moves that have been very few: the hands of bright colors and vivid, accompanied by didactic wall stickers and with a certain sense of humor, which makes it lighter and feasible. Read the rest of this entry »

An office that looks like a luxury hotel

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112 An office that looks like a luxury hotel In this San Francisco office, which houses the staff of a financial company, the Firm has created Rottet agree with the philosophy, an environment with a strong emotional impact, where employees would feel better than at home. The result is an office that absolutely does not look like an ordinary place, but reminiscent of a luxury hotel and an art gallery fused together: the panoramic windows offer an unparalleled view, and the choice of furnishings for relaxation, as well as carefully positioned works of art, gives the impression of being in an almost intimate and definitely special. Read the rest of this entry »
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