Tuesday, August 30, 2016

PUMA Store Interior Design In Japan By Nendo

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1305323721 01 PUMA Store Interior Design In Japan By Nendo Project consists of interior design for Puma ‘s new home design in Tokyo, located in the Aoyama district. Puma House Tokyo combines for the first time in a single space, a media room and a space for events. It is a multipurpose space that can be used for exhibitions, events, product launches and other events of brand communication. Read the rest of this entry »

Electroscape : a modern fireplace with LEDs

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 Electroscape : a modern fireplace with LEDs This modern fireplace wall is suitable for both domestic and commercial use , will make the decoration of the space is substantially altered , with a frame that can be in matte black , stainless steel mirror or brushed stainless steel . It is a model of electric fireplace, with its digital control offers an alternative to the gas fireplace . Read the rest of this entry »

Cumberland: blown glass lamps

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 Cumberland: blown glass lamps The glass is always good, it is a very suitable material for a lamp, as in Cumberland models, a hand blown design by skilled local craftsmen and traditional methods of glass works . As the part cools, it continues to work hand in hand with the electrical part installed. Read the rest of this entry »

Rapoxy, the future wallpaper

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rapoxy 01 Rapoxy, the future wallpaper If you are thoroughly unconventional in terms of pavement know that now thanks to Rapoxy can coat the floor with the wallpaper. The Rapoxy is a resin finish that coats the paper forming a protective layer resistant and flexible, a kind of liquid glass that can have shiny or dull. The wallpaper will be able to invade each dimension of this innovative product design thanks to Markus Benesch, which will be presented by Jannelli&Volpi in Zona Tortona Design in the courtyard of the former Ansaldo, April 16 to 21. You can visit “Wallpaper, FloorPaper, AllPaper” where everything, absolutely everything, from floors, walls, roof, is covered with wallpaper.

Bolefloor: ‘natural’ cutting Wooden floors

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bolefloor suelos madera corte natural Bolefloor: natural cutting Wooden floors If you are one who likes things as natural as possible, then this will be your favorite floor for a while, I promise you. Bolefloor is a wooden floor boards which do not follow a straight line, but the natural curve of the tree trunk where it originates. Seeing the floor of a room with Bolefloor is like watching a beautiful puzzle. Read the rest of this entry »

Advantages of blackout roller blinds

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 Advantages of blackout roller blinds Think about decorating our home sweet home not just means having into mind those decorative aspects of its new look, but the functionality of each element that is involved in the “change of face” of home, both internally and externally.In matters of curtains, this feature is expressed through just how effective are to prevent sunlight from entering the indoor and leave us blind. Now that the heat and the amount of radiation increased, what we need are some more protection and which are aesthetically consistent to place them without any rooms issues, in case we want to exchange them Read the rest of this entry »
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