Saturday, October 1, 2016
projects restaurant 1b Luxury Hotel in Morocco designed by the daughter of Mick Jagger Jade Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger, Philippe Starck designed for the residences of the Baglioni Hotel in Morocco. Luxury Homes Hotel Baglioni in Morocco designed by the daughter of Mick Jagger. The BAGLIONI OF MOROCCO A boutique hotel and residential resort in Morocco, where they worked in teams Jade Jagger for Yoo by Philippe Starck Studio with Studio A. The project combines traditional Moroccan architecture with contemporary design objects and includes: Read the rest of this entry »

Custom Sculptural fireplaces By Elena Colombo

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chimenea acero corten agua Custom Sculptural fireplaces By Elena Colombo Fireplaces designed by Elena Colombo come to take up special place in the market for modern fireplaces because they are real works of art, sculptures in which steel, stone, … even water, is part of one’s own fireplace. The model ‘Wheat Wall’ is just one example, two perforated steel plates cut to surround the fire, placed on a base with a sheet of water. Simply fantastic! Read the rest of this entry »
CampingChairTable Camping Chair Table: Folding chair and table all in one Tables and chairs are among the most popular items of furniture designers and not remain excluded even in their variant camping, especially in the summer, when days are more frequent in the open air. The Camping Chair-Table, all in one, is proposed as the perfect accessory for a picnic. The only one limitation: it is single person. We must therefore equip themselves with more than a chair with table attached to your picnic if you invited more than yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

A patchwork house interior

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116 A patchwork house interior When you want to mix not only styles but also different colors and shapes, the result is something indefinable, but somehow having an effect: a term like “patchwork” may fit the character of a house like this, where everything is different from all the colors overlap with panache and design pieces follow each other with a lively rhythm. In the conversation area, for example, we find the Bertoia Wire Chair for Knoll and Eames for Vitra DSR of orange, along with an old rocking chairs and recovery. Rugs and accessories help to create a pleasantly contaminated. Read the rest of this entry »

Table in a Box by Baita Design

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Table in a Box Table in a Box by Baita Design Remember one of those folding picnic tables that can be assembled in a jiffy so then put it back in the trunk and remove the tents after lunch bucolic. It is small enough to fit in a box, fits like a puzzle, it is called Table in a Box. The idea is to Baita Design, which proposes a piece of furniture that in its extreme simplicity is extremely versatile. The parties, in fact, is fitted and a fast assembly thanks to metal joints are adjustable to fit in particular: a dining table or work becomes a snap to put in a coffee table between the sofas or to rest your legs while watching TV. Nothing prevents the other hand, to take him in camp …

Elegant Classic Living Room Furniture By Volpi

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volpi 01b 540x347 Elegant Classic Living Room Furniture By Volpi Elegant living area proposed by the Foxes. The armchairs and coffee table are combined with the library rectangular Botero Angelica. The furniture is characterized by carvings made by hand and finish with glossy leaf details.Timeless classic for the table Juliet tied to chairs Circe. The belief is coated with Dorothy decor dominated by the imposing mirror Angelica. The shades of cream blend in with the gold chandelier Ludovica. Read the rest of this entry »
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