Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Yksichair Yksi chair: the easy chair to assemble By Antti Pulli In Finnish, “Yksi” means ‘a’: as the single sheet of cardboard is completely recyclable, and often 16 mm that makes the eponymous chair designed by industrial designer Antti Pulli together with Alexander Brink both students at the “University of Art Design Helsinki &” (the famous university dedicated to the memory of Alvar Aalto). Read the rest of this entry »

Liquid Light, the water light By Tanya Clarke

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TanyaClarke1 Liquid Light, the water light By Tanya Clarke Plumbing fittings and recycling, hand-blown glass and LEDs. Here is how to assemble the lamps phantasmagoric that the intention of the author Tanya Clarke, an environmental activist before that designers need not to forget that humanity is valuable to the water. Liquid Light bulbs have been inflected version of wall hanging lamp or floor lamp. Each is unique, different from the other materials re-used and the hand-blown glass. A small portion of the proceeds from sales goes to the Polaris Institute, in charge of educating Canadians to a new environmental awareness.

Shuffle Table, the modular table By Mia Hamborg

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ShuffleTableSplit Shuffle Table, the modular table By Mia Hamborg Table Shuffle is a fun table whose plan, white lacquered wood, is supported by a pile of geometric elements of different colors that can be assembled in any order, ringed on a central pivot support every time to compose a different form. As if it were one of those old children’s playground, Table Shuffle was designed and produced by Norway’s My Hamborg &Tradition the mark with “a most important function of the other: to create joy.” Anyone interested can get it here.

Typographic Calendar, the wooden calendar

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HLH calendar small RGB Typographic Calendar, the wooden calendar Like every year a few months before we begin to present some suggestions for choosing the calendar that will accompany you for the twelve months of next year. The first of this series is Typographic Calendar, a small calendar consists of 12 cards printed on thin sheets of plywood, made from wood in a sustainable way. As if it were a specimen of typefaces, each month is interpreted in a different style, and an eyelet at the top allows the individual cards to be hung or bound together. One small flaw, the holidays are those scored in the American calendar, a small price to pay in some cases for the original products.

Bubo, a carrier made by a cube

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bubo portalegna modulare Bubo, a carrier made by a cube Bubo is a wood door-door this manageable and modular, easily transportable, perfect for order and convenience store with wood but also bottles, newspapers, books The cold is getting closer and faster and faster! Soon we’ll warm up in front of a fireplace crackling hot and perhaps accompanied by a nice hot drink or a good book. All very beautiful and poetic … but that effort to bring the wood! For this reason, today I speak of Bubo, a wood holder and modular trucks ideal for maintaining an orderly and effortlessly transport the wood!Bubo scorrevolissime can be equipped with two wheels that makes moving and with a special handle that makes it a convenient shopping cart in order to make it very easy to handle the move, without burdening the back make it uneasy movements of the various wood from one environment to ‘ altro.Ma not all. For lovers of the winery, Bubo is transformed into a fine bottle, easy to stow in the kitchen or the cellar of good wine on hand. In this case, you can add an accessory made of beech, which accommodates up to 16 bottles (with a diameter less than 8cm). Read the rest of this entry »

African Style House Decorating

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Decoracion estilo africano African Style House Decorating The ethnic decor is the most appropriate to exotic environments. African style includes elements of African cultures blended with modern decorative creating sets of personality. The African decor exotic objects are the stars that produce an environment that combines elements from tribal and pagan rites with modern decorative objects. African art comes to Europe in the nineteenth century as a result of the campaigns of conquest on their territory. These objects were covered with a magical were incorporated by the upper classes to their homes as elements that marked their social status. Read the rest of this entry »
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