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Outdoor showers for the summer

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duchas exteriores 09 Outdoor showers for the summer Summer to enjoy the day with a simple outdoor shower, we can refresh and sunbathing. Outdoor showers have respect for the summer. All we can enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a pool in our house. So these images are intended to stimulate the imagination, organize a corner where you can freshen the air. Materials. Read the rest of this entry »

garage converted into living rooms

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18 garage converted into living rooms Garage of a former warehouse in Utrecht, with the cooperation of the Mint Architects, the Dutch designer Rolf Bruggink has created a comfortable home for two, vaguely reminiscent of the type of loft living. Two rooms of 30 square meters on two floors have been exploited to the centimeter and made livable, thanks to a clever use of artificial lighting. A mix of raw materials such as wood, stone and metal, along with the three dominant neutral colors (white, black and gray), give the house a picturesque charm, elegant and restrained, almost minimalist, but also a bit ‘suspended in time.
CoffeeLights Coffee Lamp, lights, perfect for the snack counter in the kitchen Coffee Lights: A name that in its mash-up makes it perfectly the idea of curious objects and very, very ironic that it represents. This spotlight, designed by Anthology Quartett, suitable for example to illuminate the top of the kitchen (especially for breakfast and snack area, if the peninsula is provided with a specially designed bench), the curious form of coffee cup, plus filmed on the contrary. As if the world in the early morning, when the boundaries are still fuzzy, capsizing, to pitch us into a plush Wonderland throughout the home.

The RGB lamp By Nehne Fabian and Martin Meier

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mischlichtRGB The RGB lamp By Nehne Fabian and Martin Meier It’s called (who knows German try to pronounce it) “mischlichtRGB” el’hanno designed Nehne Fabian and Martin Meier. Mischlicht means – but think a little ‘-’ mixed light ‘: in fact, the lamp uses bright colors and the three canonical additives to light environments in particular. The two product designer (Swiss and German respectively) work both as a senior at Ideo and one for Deutsche Telekom. Different approaches to a single, effective result: a piece of furniture very simple, vaguely retro, that customizes the interior with a touch of color.
FlowerCupChair Flower Cup Chair, a wooden armchair By De La Espada It’s really a story of international intrigue the production of Flower Cup Chair chair whose back is made up of many lists of wood bent to form many petals. Its design comes from the fact Leif.designpark Japanese study, which since 2006 has been designing pieces of wooden furniture manufacturing nipponiche according to ancient traditions. For the realization, however, we have to move to Portugal, a country in which they are established companies that make each piece by hand for the brand that produces Flower Cup, De La Espada, founded in London by Luis De Oliveira and Fatima De La Espada. And it was presented in London last month, this small example of perfect balance between cultures.

accent wall colors – ideas 3

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Browse ideas and photo inspiration for accent wall colors entry 3 , interior and home design decoration accent wall colors2 accent wall colors   ideas 3 Source : Visit source page for details information All the image mentioned are the property of their respective owners details
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