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Library design with aluminum frame

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fitting pure white biblioteca Library design with aluminum frame In addition to its original proposal and functional, this library includes personal lines of high quality processing in terms of materials and elements used. The line is called Pure White Fitting. The lightness of the aluminum frame, which in turn provides great strength and lightness, gains in visual impact with the white gloss paint, which is also scratch resistant. On the other hand, the innovative way to organize books provided by this library allows you to change the layout according to the type of use or according to the environment in which to intervene in a functional and practical alternative.

Advantages of blackout roller blinds

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 Advantages of blackout roller blinds Think about decorating our home sweet home not just means having into mind those decorative aspects of its new look, but the functionality of each element that is involved in the “change of face” of home, both internally and externally.In matters of curtains, this feature is expressed through just how effective are to prevent sunlight from entering the indoor and leave us blind. Now that the heat and the amount of radiation increased, what we need are some more protection and which are aesthetically consistent to place them without any rooms issues, in case we want to exchange them Read the rest of this entry »

Ecological interior Decorating idea

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bamboo furniture image thumb Ecological interior Decorating idea Environmentalism is a philosophy of life, so it is also reflected in the decor. The decor is ecologically but you chose creating beautiful environments and decorative materials to create a decoration as respectful as possible to the environment. Keys in ecological decorating The decoration is a part of an environmental approach to life, creating a harmonious environment place to live full care for the materials and try to recycle furniture we have (instead of throwing them waste generated). At the ecological decoration will fit all styles, both modern, rustic or ethnic style: Read the rest of this entry »

Home decoration idea with pixels

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decoracion pixeles Home decoration idea with pixels Digital images are composed of pixels, and no one imagined that at some point could become a decorative appeal, but the truth is that clever decorators have taken advantage of this element to give a different touch to our home.There are different possibilities to use the pixels in the decoration of a house, but where else it has become trendy in the walls. The idea is to form words or images using the small colored squares. It is a very original and can give you a different atmosphere to our room or bedroom. Thus, for example, can be place small squares to form different colored backgrounds that give the feeling that they are spreading through the wall. It’s a really interesting alternative.

Interior design | Cushions

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modelos de cojines Interior design | Cushions The cushions are decorative elements which are indispensable in every household. They are accessories that can be found in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors so you always have the possibility to access an unimaginable variety of cushions.While the main task of cushions is purely decorative, they also have important utility as they may serve as a pillow when lying on a sofa, and can also be used on the floor as if they were seats Read the rest of this entry »

Remodeling windows and curtains

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cortinas Remodeling windows and curtains The windows are very substantial in the home as it provides a link to the outside through them we see the landscape, and always is kept in mind open windows to let in sun and the air, now we will see as remodeling windows and curtains. Furthermore, both the windows and curtains, as part of home decor, and both must have a constant maintenance, to make them look in good condition and not damaged. They always need the protection painted from fungi specially in the outdoors. Colors are chosen according to the decoration of the house because the windows and curtains also belong to the decor.The curtains for kitchen windows should be classic and rustic fabrics. Read the rest of this entry »
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