Wednesday, October 26, 2016
branca1 Simple and elegant, chairs and armchairs Branca by Marco Sousa Santos Presented at Tendence 2010 in Frankfurt, “Branca” is a new line of products and accessories for the home, the result of obsessive attention to detail coupled with great attention to the quality of materials. The aim of the Portuguese designer Marco Sousa Santos was to combine the skills of the craftsmen of his land with the recent possibilities of digital instrumentation. The purpose fully achieved, with a clever use of light tones of wood and a clean elegant lines. One more beautiful than the other proposed models, each minimal even in the name (a simple abbreviation). Choose “W_08, the ergonomically designed chair, birch wood, but you will find the images of the entire collection after the jump.

The interior of a luxury home in London

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8 The interior of a luxury home in London In this Victorian house in Brackenbury Village, London, was created by a restructuring of the study Sybarite, who has maintained the period features, but that gave the interior a decidedly contemporary face. Designed for a large family with children, this house is distinguished by circles and angles are very pleased and also very different. On the parquet of the study area and conversation in fact, is clearly opposed to the shiny and reflective of the kitchen, but also the master bedroom. Access to interesting wine cellar directly from the dining room. Read the rest of this entry »

The alphabet on the cushions of Elsie Dodds

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1elsiedodds The alphabet on the cushions of Elsie Dodds Singular idea of designer Catherine Rozdoba-Hallows in Edinburgh that he founded the brand Elsie Dodds to produce and distribute its cushions primer just like those posters who as children we were taught the alphabet portraying persons or things whose names begin with that same consonant or vowel. All the same size, 51 x 30 cm, reported on the one hand the letter in question and on the brightly colored illustration that, in a sort of visual collage, combines animals, objects and places that have the same initial. Of course, the associations are thought in English, maybe useful to convey the basics of another language to little ones.

Pasha 660, a classic plastic Chair

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pasha tr cx ingrandimento Pasha 660, a classic plastic Chair It happens more often to accommodate new products, from classic shapes that are replicated through unusual materials, colors, fabrics or unusual combinations over the top. Pasha 660 is a chair that fits perfectly into this trend, the pattern of the past made in injection-molded polycarbonate. Read the rest of this entry »

The original printed By Lush Design

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lushdesign1 The original printed By Lush Design Lush Design is the name chosen by the British Marie Rodgers and Mary Livings declined to produce their prints on fabrics and pottery, tablecloths, cushions, tableware and coprilume featuring original illustrations, style, inspired by antique engravings revisited with bright colors and unusual combinations. Read the rest of this entry »
12 A house of Malcolm Patterson, a designer and stylist The home of a creative mind is always a special place, with its own charm and its unique history, because every piece, every detail is the result of something really wanted to craft a personality that creates harmony. The home of Malcolm Patterson, designer and stylist, perfectly embodies the characteristics of a singular place: in a former factory, the artist has created a loft where a linear and proportional to clean the bottom, some details are contrasted by no means common. Read the rest of this entry »
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