Thursday, September 29, 2016
Nendo1 450x300 Furniture Boutique Nendo: The draft of the concept store for 24 Issey Miyake The Japanese studio was designed Nendo “24 Issey Miyake,” a concept store for Issey Miyake. Four of these stores where you can see the models have been opened this month at department stores in Tokyo. As you can see from the pictures the space is used in the best possible way with a distribution of environments designed to give the impression to the customer that the store is bigger than it really is. Read the rest of this entry »

Harem Chair By Versace Home Collection

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versace home collection 2010 harem chair Harem Chair By Versace Home Collection Paisley print, bright colors and mixed together using combinations reminiscent of exotic lands and far, an overlap of pillows to create the structure of the chair: Harem is the Chair of the collection of Versace Home 2010. Remember the ancient tales of The Thousand and One Nights and raised suggestions that heat and enrich the house that hosts it, is furnishing this agreement or act as a single piece that colors a minimal environment, in sharp contrast with the decorations arcane tissue.

A loft inspired by the exotic cars

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1 A loft inspired by the exotic cars The owner of this loft in Denver has asked the Beaton Design architects to create the interiors for him inspired by his passion for exotic cars: these were reflected in the lines, shapes and details of the house. The living areas are six clearly defined by these special shapes, and remain on the visible elements that characterize the interior Pieces of classic design, a generous use of glass and a clever use of lighting make this apartment an elegant, luxurious.
14 The new Munich shoe store interior design in Barcelona The new shoe store Munich in Barcelona was designed by Bailo Rull ADD Arquitectura as truly unique in its kind. Inspiration is the world’s children, that is constantly populated with questions like “Where do they come? How are the facts? Why?. The response of shoes Munich, according to the architects, is the use of materials and environment “industrial” within the store. Read the rest of this entry »

The retro-style switches Fontini

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fontiniinterruttori1 The retro style switches Fontini You know those beautiful circuit of his grandmother, now mostly relegated to collector’s items? Well, for his sixty years the brand has decided to re-edit Fontini proposals obviously compatible with current standards in equipment. Made of porcelain and brass, the switches are finished in burnished, nickel and gold. Very nice version all in China, capable of adapting to any apartment, including a more industrial style.
nagiapartment1 Curtains instead of walls: the new concept of living in Japan You can live with curtains instead of walls? And ‘the experiment that a young Japanese couple with children groped decided to entrust the restructuring of its flat Uufie studio. Result? Partitions dismantled and redistributed space with the use of big velvet curtains. Able, in the intention of the architects, and Irene Ota Eiri Gardpoit Chan, when needed to preserve privacy while allowing for use when the time comes to an open space. Minimalist aesthetic, perimeter walls repainted with white paint diluted to a less marked effect. Also in view, of course, the guides of the tents: a deliberate choice to emphasize the distribution of volumes which give the space.
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