Tuesday, May 3, 2016
pinch splay 1  Floor lamps Lamps Pinch and Splay by Davin Larkin: everyone can achieve, but not invent! The Irish designer, Davin Larkin, who currently works in the Kooyong Design Studio, has designed and built with his own hands, floor lamps “Pinch and Splay. Read the rest of this entry »

Elegant and minimalist Library rooms design by Zalf

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zalf 01b 540x347 Elegant and minimalist Library rooms design by Zalf Creative design and modules in freedom. Link Library System The system is characterized by infinite modularity and the pleasant touch of melamine termostrutturato white lacquered oak.The library allows the addition of double-sided modules of different sizes. Elegant and minimalist, the kitchen cupboard doors suspended coplanar glass combined with the system hanging on wall panel Modus Freebox per day. The vertical wall cabinets have glass shelves. Right Link Library System. Read the rest of this entry »

Stickers to decorate the walls By Silvia Massa

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easywallpaper Stickers to decorate the walls By Silvia Massa Silvia Massa is an interior designer who plays the interior as a setting where space, color, light, form, function and technology use interact harmoniously. Through the work of his study, seeks to integrate the functionality with the identity of those living spaces. His research is well summarized in his web space where, thanks to an intuitive interface in Flash, you can directly experience the performance of his “Easy Wallpaper” giant stickers to decorate the walls of places lived. Pop references, and natural elements in the fictional Eastern decorations proposals. Some elements, then, are the silhouettes of objects of furniture often already present in the home, but made in a different key-tone choice and temporal references. Fun and stylish alternative to give new life to the walls of your home
11 Mon Petit, the interior of a sustainable Shop business for children Mon Petit a shop is not uncommon for children, designed by Architect Miquel Goods and MSB workshop office in Andorra. This is a different place as early as the concept: Mon Petit is in fact a sustainable store, where they sell used toys and possibly refurbished. The interior design consists of steel plates in an unusual black (spaces for children are usually very colorful), but able to reflect the colors of the toys on display, has a specific intention to transform the structure into a “sculptural and sincere, “as described by the same creators. Read the rest of this entry »
hidden lines 1ok Hidden Lines, interiors inspired by Antonello da Messina Wonder if the guys at Studio JVM went back up to Antonello da Messina to find their inspiration? After all, why. A quote if it deserves this great masterpiece of Sicilian master, St. Jerome in His Study, and if it deserves even the original concept developed by these Dutch interior designer for a private residence in Switzerland. Read the rest of this entry »

A loft in black and white interior and chic design

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32 A loft in black and white interior and chic design In this loft, where structural elements such as exposed wooden beams and bricks, are clearly identifiable, living wisely placed a design that plays on the contrast between timeless black and white. In the lounge there is the white sofa Sancal of Eleva, combined with a coffee table painted aluminum Bonaldo Planet of Light, while blacks are the pillows and the rug. Read the rest of this entry »
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