Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Flex 1  Family Flex by Itamar Burstein, when the technique of wood is renewed The Israel designer Itamar Burstein Family Flex has designed a series of design objects (chairs, tables and coat) made with a new technique for bending wood.In contrast to the traditional methods of woodworking, Itamar Burstein uses a simpler method: the traditional techniques of steaming the wood, shape into a mold and drying it replaces some milling operations. Read the rest of this entry »
flychair 1 FLY Chair by Patrick Norguet : When Japanese samurai inspired modern ecology But that chair? E ‘FLY! What the French designer Patrick Norguet managed to set up (in the true sense of the word given the complexity of this chair!) Is a project I worked for about 4 years not only because of the complexity of the design, but also to study the best technology to make the chair. The OFFECCT, same manufacturer of Robo Chair Luca Nichetto Norguet has supported the planning stage and at the end of a long journey we managed to find the best solution to make the chair so as to make its technical fabric that has the least possible environmental impact. Read the rest of this entry »

Feel Deluxe: more than comfortable sitting

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feeldeluxe Feel Deluxe: more than comfortable sitting Award-winning and used by leading architects, interior designers and the best design magazines, “Feel Deluxe” a sort of hybrid between a sofa and a chaise longue very special, made of 120 soft balls that make it extremely pleasant and comfortable sitting. Oversized dimensions (220 x 180 cm – each ball measures 20 cm in diameter) that have plenty of room for singles, couples and families. A system that reflects the changing emotional state of the body, easily adapting and becoming more and different configurations. on sale at $ 4,200, the site of the shop and producer Animi Causa.
Doeloe lounge 1 Doeloe Lounge Chair and Pretzel Bench by Abie Abdillah: return to the roots Doeloe Lounge Chair and Bench Pretzel projects by Abie Abdillah, a young Indonesian designer, Jakarta, inspired by the desire to return to the past. “I live in a very crowded and busy city where you will remark easy because almost any day you find yourself in front of new buildings, apartments or shopping centers built so quickly that you have not had time to even realize it. Read the rest of this entry »

Sticker Bench, the wooden bench by Richard Shed

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sticker03 Sticker Bench, the wooden bench by Richard Shed When trees are cut down and reduced to tables, explains London designer Richard Shed from its website, to let the wood dry well, used sticks, stickers just to create a thickness between a table and let the other ‘air to circulate. Just these sticks, wooden square section lists are the basic material from which it takes its form the bench called Sticker Bench. Designed for the furnishing of public spaces, keeping in shape looks like a trunk, lighter and made functional in terms of the production process thanks to the play of solids and voids. Sticker Bench was unveiled for the first time as part of Bench10 Exhibition organized by the gallery Lollipop Shoppe London Spitalfields

contemporary furniture – item 4

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Browse ideas and photo inspiration for contemporary furniture item 4 , homemagz.com interior and home design decoration contemporary furniture3 contemporary furniture   item 4 Source : http://thedesignhome.com Visit source page for details information All the image mentioned are the property of their respective owners details
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