Monday, February 27, 2017
 MUMBAI : A collection of furniture made ??of plywood This fantastic collection of wooden furniture made ??up for tables and cabinets . It is MUMBAI , an exclusive design created by the union of technology and plywood having as lattice structure of a laser cutted steel . The plywood board is folded over and over again to forming the shape of the cabinet , which is the cabinet itself . Read the rest of this entry »

panton chairs – entry 5

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Browse ideas and photo inspiration for panton chairs entry 5 , interior and home design decoration panton chairs4 panton chairs   entry 5 Source : Visit source page for details informations All the image mentioned are the property of their respective owners details

Furniture Made of Cardboard

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Furniture Made of Cardboard 3 Furniture Made of Cardboard A new trend in design in support of ecology and recycling, these furniture are made ??of cardboard, super attractive at first glance. With modern designs of chairs, sofas, tables, filing cabinets, desks, shelves, etc.. Observes some of the creations of Kube Design (Italy). Read the rest of this entry »
 Collection X: contemporary outdoor furniture By Joel Escalona By using a material similar to the Series of ZigZag garden furniture, Mexican designer Joel Escalona X has created an elegant and contemporary collection of furniture that is ideal for all types of settings, both for use outdoors or indoors, and also brings the color as one of its most significant characteristics. Read the rest of this entry »
guardaroba avenue Wardrobe with mirrored doors to increase space and light Choosing the details of the wardrobe that will occupy much of our space in the bedroom, it is not easy: the aesthetic possibilities are so many in fact, nearly be confused ideas. However there is a choice on which you can direct without afraid of making a mistake if your wish is to have lots of available space: the mirrored door. Read the rest of this entry »

Minimalist Diva chair by Matthias Demacke

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Silla Diva x Matthias Demacker 2  Minimalist Diva chair by Matthias Demacke This chair with footrest, was created by designer Matthias Demacker and his name is Diva. Its appearance is elegant, feminine, comfortable and relaxing! Its unusual feature is the very special platform is converted an area where the legs rest comfortably or just to support a laptop. minimalist style!!
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