Tuesday, January 17, 2017
 Collection X: contemporary outdoor furniture By Joel Escalona By using a material similar to the Series of ZigZag garden furniture, Mexican designer Joel Escalona X has created an elegant and contemporary collection of furniture that is ideal for all types of settings, both for use outdoors or indoors, and also brings the color as one of its most significant characteristics. Read the rest of this entry »
guardaroba avenue Wardrobe with mirrored doors to increase space and light Choosing the details of the wardrobe that will occupy much of our space in the bedroom, it is not easy: the aesthetic possibilities are so many in fact, nearly be confused ideas. However there is a choice on which you can direct without afraid of making a mistake if your wish is to have lots of available space: the mirrored door. Read the rest of this entry »

Minimalist Diva chair by Matthias Demacke

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Silla Diva x Matthias Demacker 2  Minimalist Diva chair by Matthias Demacke This chair with footrest, was created by designer Matthias Demacker and his name is Diva. Its appearance is elegant, feminine, comfortable and relaxing! Its unusual feature is the very special platform is converted an area where the legs rest comfortably or just to support a laptop. minimalist style!!
Sistema iluminación Sparks Daniel Becker 7 Sparks modular lighting system by Daniel Becker This lighting system is called Sparks and was designed by Daniel Becker. It has an interesting feature, a amazing idea and great effect. The designer developed a modular lighting system, low-power, easily adaptable to different spaces and large, consisting of three different modules of aluminum tubes. The lighting is based on low power consumption, using LED lights. Read the rest of this entry »
fauteuil louis XV arc en ciel 540x540 multicolor Louis XV armchair By Dransfield & Ross But any rule is made for exceptions, I must admit that this collection of Louis XV armchairs revisited by Dransfield and Ross has not left me indifferent. Striped fabrics adorned with multicolored or black and white, the classic Louis XV armchair takes a new look and softly upgrades . A successful customization. So will I crack? Joker.

Attitude Chair: swing too easily …

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attitude chair by deger cengiz 3 300x300 Attitude Chair: swing too easily ... Despite the ripe old age you never want to lose the habit of hanging in the rear foot of your chair? Well today there are those who thought of you: the New York designer Deger Cengiz has designed a chair that will save fell safe from those who have the habit of rocking chair. Read the rest of this entry »
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