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modern coffee-shaped lamps lighting

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lampara cafetera modern coffee shaped lamps lighting What do you think of these genuine lamps? Designed by the team at Fix for lighting and decorate the ceiling of a coffee shop. These beautiful coffee-shaped pieces can be purchased at etsy Read the rest of this entry »

Minimalist Diva chair by Matthias Demacke

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Silla Diva x Matthias Demacker 2  Minimalist Diva chair by Matthias Demacke This chair with footrest, was created by designer Matthias Demacker and his name is Diva. Its appearance is elegant, feminine, comfortable and relaxing! Its unusual feature is the very special platform is converted an area where the legs rest comfortably or just to support a laptop. minimalist style!!
Sistema iluminación Sparks Daniel Becker 7 Sparks modular lighting system by Daniel Becker This lighting system is called Sparks and was designed by Daniel Becker. It has an interesting feature, a amazing idea and great effect. The designer developed a modular lighting system, low-power, easily adaptable to different spaces and large, consisting of three different modules of aluminum tubes. The lighting is based on low power consumption, using LED lights. Read the rest of this entry »
Armario Pronkkast Mathilde Alders Classic Pronkkast Wardrobe By Mathilde Alders The Wardrobe “Pronkkast” is a classic furniture and traditional in style, built with French oak. Gives you the opportunity to show off your new purchases, with shelves and clothes hanging tubes that can flow on both sides of the wardrobe, visible to the eye. Because as we know, the cabinet is designed to store and hide your clothes, and this idea is the opposite. The Dutch designer Mathilde Alders, suggests: “The new dress should not be hanging in the locker.” Read the rest of this entry »
DTS 1 540x360 Dano Tripod Stool by Abie Abdillah: a stool inspired by the rocket of Tintin! Abie Abdillah is a young Indonesian designer who is doing a lot about whether back home for the originality of his projects. A few months ago we talked about his plan of a chair inspired by Oplet car, car very popular in Indonesia. qualified in furniture designs with natural materials, including rattan and wood. Today we talk about Dano Tripod Stool, a stool inspired by the rocket of Tintin. A coffee table or a stool have never the center of interest when they are placed in a room to the the edge from other furniture, I wanted to create a piece of furniture with a simple but unique-looking, so was created a Stool Tripod Dano. Read the rest of this entry »
simon01 440x300 Target Clock by Simon Lumb, the watch that will make you lose your mind! The British designer Simon Lumb, nowadays resident in Germany, has designed a very special Clock for the first minute will make anyone trying to understand how it works. This is the “Target Clock” that will be presented at London’s Design Week Read the rest of this entry »
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