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modern coffee-shaped lamps lighting

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lampara cafetera modern coffee shaped lamps lighting What do you think of these genuine lamps? Designed by the team at Fix for lighting and decorate the ceiling of a coffee shop. These beautiful coffee-shaped pieces can be purchased at etsy Read the rest of this entry »

Rest Sofa, the comfortable sofa by Muuto

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muuto restsofaAnderssen Voll Rest Sofa, the comfortable sofa by Muuto Introducing you Rest Sofa, the first product from Muuto sofa. The name, chosen by the designer Espen Voll and Torbjørn Anderssen Anderssen-together as & Voll-design reflects its ambition, that to be a comfortable sofa and attractive at first glance, a real promise of comfort and relaxation Read the rest of this entry »
Armario Pronkkast Mathilde Alders Classic Pronkkast Wardrobe By Mathilde Alders The Wardrobe “Pronkkast” is a classic furniture and traditional in style, built with French oak. Gives you the opportunity to show off your new purchases, with shelves and clothes hanging tubes that can flow on both sides of the wardrobe, visible to the eye. Because as we know, the cabinet is designed to store and hide your clothes, and this idea is the opposite. The Dutch designer Mathilde Alders, suggests: “The new dress should not be hanging in the locker.” Read the rest of this entry »
kajen 1 367x300 Urban Furniture Kajen, the bench with footrest by Thomas Bernstrand The Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand created “Kajen” produced by the public bench Nola. Classic wooden poles are bench seat and back of this wave but is characterized by the unique design: the back is reclined, and draws up and ergonomics of office chairs, while the real news is that the footrest can not lay legs, relax or take positions very comfortable “home” in a public space. Read the rest of this entry »

European Cabinets with sliding doors

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europeo 08b 540x347 European Cabinets with sliding doors Cupboards with sliding doors are the latest design trend in the furniture industry. Sliding wardrobes European lines are distinguished by characteristics of the leaf in 7 different types. Read the rest of this entry »
avalon01  Avalon Chair by Michael Young: the chair that makes the world go round! The British designer, that is based in Hong Kong, Michael Young has designed a new chair, called “Avalon” for the Swedish furniture company “Swedese.The peculiarity of the session is to be not only rotating, but also with automatic return swivel (rotate once, if you let it go, back to its original position).fabric Flex Väveriet the Swedish company and is available in a variety of colors. Read the rest of this entry »
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