Friday, January 20, 2017
1276273259 foto 18 528x417 Modern and Clean Children School The Rambleta / Antonio Altarriba Comes   Miguel Noguera Mayen The plot chosen for the new municipal kindergarten Moncada, lies north of the village, in the expansion area, and surrounded mainly of residential building. Rectangular geometry with a slight slope to the south, occupies an entire block of 1,346 m2. The program of demands eight classrooms with their own toilets, a multipurpose room, kitchen, office, staff room, annexes, and playground. The idea was understanding the building as a small courtyard house, where all interior spaces are closed at the immediate environment dominated the traffic, and will turn the school’s own outdoor spaces. The patio should be understood as an extension of the interior spaces, enabling and enhancing the relationship between interior and exterior. Read the rest of this entry »
ibridge1 449x300 Infinity Light Bridge by Speirs and Major Associates, which is light! Beautiful isn it? Today are those I show pictures of the Infinity Bridge in Stockton-on-Tees in England, complete with the lighting designed by Speirs and Major Associates.The “smart lights” designed for this bridge follow the path of people moving from a white light to blue light. ibridge3 450x300 Infinity Light Bridge by Speirs and Major Associates, which is light!
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