Friday, October 28, 2016
1305738652 060 conservatorio roberto ercilla 528x353 Music Conservatory Design In Bilbao By Roberto Ercilla Architecture The new Conservatory of Bilbao is located in a free block, at the district of Deusto, where it coexists with with a major subway station, clearly displayed manifested in its shell glass. Because of the possibility of intervention in all the surrounding space, the proposal is tightened built a close relationship with the topography of the site, looking for more integration and consolidation of the urban environment, a singular role. Because, in fact, we’re talking about an educational center, where you should organize a comprehensive range of classes, workshops, practice rooms, etc, including an auditorium for 400 people.The primary plot of the project, after determined its location at the bottom line of the block, was to express the natural slope of the entire Square across the deck itself, so the building came with the urban space in its leaning expression. Read the rest of this entry »

‘ArtScience’ Museum Singapore

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 ArtScience Museum Singapore The museum looks like a large lotus flower with a round base in the center, where each of the “petals” correspond to a gallery, with skylights that light up the point of the interior of curved walls. The taller has a height of 60 meters.All the collected rainwater is forwarded to their roofs up the middle to the lower part of the the building, later it is recycled to create a continuously cylindrical source with a waterfall, although some of this water is also used in the toilets of the museum. Read the rest of this entry »

The Miell Cafe by Suppose Design Office

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Cafè lemiell 1 The Miell Cafe by Suppose Design Office The project we are discussing today is the expansion of Cafe La Miell in a Niihama Ehime, Japan. The owners of the cafe had the need to broaden the opportunities because they are too small for all customers who received, in order to combat this deficiency decided to open a new coffee shop across the street. The study Suppose Design Office, to give continuity to the history of coffee brought to the customer, rather than create a completely new building, to renovate the existing cafeteria as leaving the old heart of the new project. Read the rest of this entry »

Zaha Hadid’s museum in Sardinia

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zaha hadid architettura contemporanea cagliari Zaha Hadids museum in Sardinia Iraq will be signed by the star architect Zaha Hadid, the Museum of Mediterranean Nuragica Arts and Contemporary Art under construction in Cagliari (specifically on the waterfront of St. Elias). After the many signs in Italy and see the station HST Afragola, MAXXI of Rome, the Regium Waterfront or the New Cagliari Teatro di Verbania (just to name a few) – the Pritzker Prize Zaha Hadid also signs that the museum will be built in nuragico Cagliari bethel winning the contest organized by region of Sardinia in collaboration with Domus and PoliMi. A breathtaking coral concretion happily stranded on the shores of the Gulf of Cagliari. Blinding white sculptural architecture, like the limestone of the city that will see it rise, is open and dynamic outside and inside of which use by visitors who are invited to follow paths exhibition, educational and commercial, determines the design of the building. The architect says the victory of the Boers as Zaha Hadid: “The jury evaluated the extraordinary sensitivity of the new contextual architectural structure, which acts like a” coral concretion “follows, sews and reconfigure an entire piece of beachfront Cagliari. The project designed by Zaha Hadid for the museum and contemporary art nuragica “will be continued-Boeri – set a new landmark in the landscape of Cagliari, the opportunity for new experiences – both perceptive and location-body development and sedimentation fertile contamination between historical identity future identity throughout the island of Sardinia and territorial system. ” This piece of architecture, along the beautiful Waterfront Regium Cagliari, contributes to the regeneration of the district Sant’Elia. I guess they are proud of the Sardinians. There is some Sardinian want to comment on the project? More pictures

Tietgen Dormitory at Copenhagen

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Tietgen Dormitory Copenhagen 002 Tietgen Dormitory at Copenhagen The principle of inspiration for the project is the meeting of the collective and the individual, a feature inherent to the dormitory building.The simple circular Tietgen bedroom is a response to the urban context, providing a bold architectural statement in the new target area. The building is cicular – symbol of equality and community – is contrasted by projecting the volume of individual residences Read the rest of this entry »

Wooden observation tower Hemer, Germany

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Torre mirador de madera birk and heilmeyer 005 Wooden observation tower Hemer, Germany The building is based on the principle of the hyperboloid, which had been frequently used in steel construction by the engineer Vladimir G. Suchov (1853 – 1939). It consists of 240 pieces of straight wooden Siberian larch (glulam) with a cross section of 8 x 8 inches. A large mesh structure has been designed by two inverse maps, in which only the external, system members, bears the burdens. While other vertical members such as steel columns or a central mast, were omitted consistently. Read the rest of this entry »
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